Meet the Sitters

My wife, Sharon, and I both grew up in Connecticut. We both graduated from the University of Connecticut where we met in 1980. We got married in 1987 and stayed in Connecticut where Sharon began her career as a Human Resource professional and I began my career as a financial and operational internal auditor. In 1990, we relocated to Baltimore, Maryland where we added twins, Jessica and Christopher, to our family. After more relocations to Houston, Texas and Seoul, South Korea, we ended up back in Connecticut in 2000. After our children graduated high school, we all moved to Lake Mary, Florida with our golden retriever, Brandy. In 2016, we moved to Red Tail in Sorrento where we currently reside.

My wife and I are both animal lovers. As a kid, I had a collie, a siamese cat, fish, gerbils, hamsters, etc. Since Sharon and I got married, we’ve had dogs for the past 35 years, including 2 golden retrievers and our newest family member, Sydney, who is 1/2 beagle and 1/2 chihuahua. Sharon saw a picture of Svdnev at the Groveland Shelter and she ioined our familv immediatelv in 2018. She’s a verv happy dog and keeps us ver entertained. I am retired now and looking verv forward to joining Lisa and her team at Biscuit Time, as well as, meeting all of the regular and new customers and providing the best care possible for every pet.

From the moment I can remember I have always loved animals. I grew up in Sarasota, FL and had a variety of different pets including a dog, cats, birds, hamsters, hermit crabs, gerbils, a horse and even an iguana. My love of animals developed into a passion for riding horses. I began riding at the age of 9 and still ride to this day.

I moved to Orlando after high school and attended the University of Central Florida. After graduating from UCF, I worked in the marketing department of Sea World then moved on to Human Resources and benefits administration for a Fortune 500 company. After giving birth to our amazing son I decided to stay home and be a full time mommy.

In 2015 my husband, son and I moved to Sorrento. Somehow I have developed the ability to attract cats! I frequently come across cats and kittens that have been dumped, are stray and even a few feral cats and kittens. With my husband’s support I work with these cats, rehab them, and then find them their forever homes. To date I have found homes for 16 cats, trapped and released 2 that were unable to be rehabbed and kept 5. I love the company and companionship of animals and can’t imagine not having a house full of them!

After being a Biscuit Time client for the past 6 years I am very excited to be on the other side caring for your pets! I look forward to meeting you and your fur babies and I promise to care for them as if they were my own.

A love for all animals has spanned my lifetime. From the tiniest weighing less than a pound, to a furry rescue weighing 150 pounds, I have been privileged to share my home with dogs, cats, birds, fish, rodents and reptiles.

While attending college to earn a degree in Biology I had the opportunity to work with small and large exotics in wildlife parks and zoos. I shared my dorm room with a ball python, fish, and several species of birds. After graduation, I was pleasantly surprised when two pairs of budgies mated, producing adorable babies that were adopted by family and friends.

Although my professional career focused on the health and safety of people in workplaces, I found the time to volunteer at animal shelters and Canine Companions for Independence because my true passion has always revolved around taking care of animals.

As a current resident of Mount Dora, I enjoy volunteering at the Lake County Animal Shelter with cats and dogs that are waiting to find their forever home. Working for Biscuit Time Pet Sitting provides me an opportunity to take care of your family members and give you peace of mind when you cannot be with them.

I didn’t have my first pet, a cat my landlord found living in a stone wall, until I was 32. My mother wanted to save me the hurt from when their time was over. So as an adult, made up for it. Over the years owning 5 dogs, 5 cats, as many as 22 goats, pigs, rabbit, ducks and of course lots of chickens. I had property in the desert of Nevada so it was easy. After moving to Florida in 2001, things changed. My husband and I now just have one cat who makes it clear she rules the house.

After many years of working in several grocery stores in many states, it was time to slow down. Everyone says do what you love. So that was easy, I missed the animals. Now I get to share the happiness that many animals bring, and constantly meet new ones.

My true passion has always been caring for animals. Growing up we had dogs,cats,guinea pigs, a ferret, and any wild animal that was in need.

I have recently retired from united airlines after 23 years although my total airline career was 30. During that time I was the pet sitter for all my friends and coworkers. Being in the travel industry we all took lots of trips. All my dogs and cats have always been rescues. Who rescued who is my favorite quote!

I also volunteered at a horse rescue and cared for over 50 horses. Eventually sponsoring my horse Elvis who was the love of my life. Everyone called me the horse whisperer. I can promise i will take care of your pets like my own with kindness and love. I look forward to meeting you and your furry companions soon!

After many years in the corporate, non- profit and public sector my wife Kate and I retired. We sold our home in Kansas City and moved to Sullivan Ranch in Mount Dora in August of 2015. We have had many rescue dogs and cats over the years including a diabetic Cairn Terrier that required my providing insulin shots twice a day for over two years , so I am very familiar with diabetes protocol in animals. We are currently blessed with a lab , Tristan, a Maltese/ Shih tzu Terrier, named Skye and a cat named Bella.

Working for Biscuit Time allows me to continue to experience the circle of life and love for animals beyond my own family.

Pet Tech CPR & First Aid Certified
Pet Tech CPR & First Aid Certified
“I was born and raised in St Petersburg and graduated from USF. When I got out of the Navy my wife,Donna and I moved to Orlando area. After we both retired we moved to Mount Dora in 2012.

Over the years we have had shelties, doxies and poms. Now we have a lovable pom named Mitzi.

I have been a pet sitter for Biscuit Time for 8 years.

I thoroughly enjoy the interaction with all the pets Biscuit Time customers entrust to our care.”

Pet Tech CPR & First Aid Certified
Pet Tech CPR & First Aid Certified
In June 2014 I retired from Bay District Schools in Panama City, Fl after 21 years of service. My husband and I sold our house and moved to the Sullivan Ranch subdivision here in Mount Dora. We have 2 female dachshunds: Heidi (13 yrs) and Sally (7 yrs). Sally is our special needs girl. She had a disc rupture in Feb 2013. Even though she had surgery immediately to remove the herniated disc she never regained any feeling in her rear end. She is happy to “scoot” about in the house and has “wheels” to go for walks with her sister.

I have such a passion for animals. Growing up we always had pets in the house ranging from dogs and cats to birds, hamsters, and turtles. I met Lisa with Biscuit Time shortly after moving here. Once a position opened up with her company I happily accepted it. I love all animals and look forward to meeting yours. I treat all of our clients’ pets as if they are my own!