Sitters - Lynne Hartley

Lynne Hartley

I didn’t have my first pet, a cat my landlord found living in a stone wall, until I was 32. My mother wanted to save me the hurt from when their time was over. So as an adult, made up for it. Over the years owning 5 dogs, 5 cats, as many as 22 goats, pigs, rabbit, ducks and of course lots of chickens. I had property in the desert of Nevada so it was easy. After moving to Florida in 2001, things changed. My husband and I now just have one cat who makes it clear she rules the house.

After many years of working in several grocery stores in many states, it was time to slow down. Everyone says do what you love. So that was easy, I missed the animals. Now I get to share the happiness that many animals bring, and constantly meet new ones.