Sitters - Glenn Darinzo

Glenn Darinzo

My wife, Sharon, and I both grew up in Connecticut. We both graduated from the University of Connecticut where we met in 1980. We got married in 1987 and stayed in Connecticut where Sharon began her career as a Human Resource professional and I began my career as a financial and operational internal auditor. In 1990, we relocated to Baltimore, Maryland where we added twins, Jessica and Christopher, to our family. After more relocations to Houston, Texas and Seoul, South Korea, we ended up back in Connecticut in 2000. After our children graduated high school, we all moved to Lake Mary, Florida with our golden retriever, Brandy. In 2016, we moved to Red Tail in Sorrento where we currently reside.

My wife and I are both animal lovers. As a kid, I had a collie, a siamese cat, fish, gerbils, hamsters, etc. Since Sharon and I got married, we’ve had dogs for the past 35 years, including 2 golden retrievers and our newest family member, Sydney, who is 1/2 beagle and 1/2 chihuahua. Sharon saw a picture of Svdnev at the Groveland Shelter and she ioined our familv immediatelv in 2018. She’s a verv happy dog and keeps us ver entertained. I am retired now and looking verv forward to joining Lisa and her team at Biscuit Time, as well as, meeting all of the regular and new customers and providing the best care possible for every pet.