Finding a Great Pet Sitter for a Dog that Has Medical Issues

coal sleeping websiteOur pets are vital part of our family and when we have a pet who is ill it can be had to deal with. One of the ways to alleviate some of the stress for both you and your pet is to have a qualified pet sitter check in on them while you are at work, away fro the day or even on vacation.

When we are sick any added stress can make us feel worse and complicate our healing, the same is true of our pets. A sick or disabled pet requires special care and attentions provided by someone who understands your pets needs.


Ask your local veterinarian if they can provide you with the a recommendation. Once you have a name look at their website and see what referrals they have posted and see if they licensed and CPR certified. If you are satisfied that they meet the basic requirements that you are looking, for call and set up an in-home interview.

During the interview discuss your pet’s special needs including medications, how they are dispensed and how often. Allow the pet sitter to spend some time with your pet so that thy can get more comfortable with one another. Ask how they would respond to a crisis situation. While a pet sitter probably will not have experience dealing with every type of illness or pet emergency, ask how they have handled past situations that arose.

Once you have decided on a reputable pet sitter make sure that when you leave you pet with them they have everything that they will need to care for your animal. This should include all medications. Make sure that the medications are properly labeled and if they are close to needing a refill, refill them before you leave town. Leave detailed contact information for your veterinarian office, including phone number, emergency number and address. You may even want to include directions to the vet’s office. Give your sitter a secondary emergency contact number such as a family member or friend who can help if you can not be reached.

“At Biscuit Time Pet Sitting, we are prepared to handle an emergency situation involving a client’s pet. We’re experienced in recognizing the signs of an ill or distressed pet and we are certified in CPR and other first aid, “ explains, Lisa O’brien, owner of Biscuit Time Pet Sitting in Mount Dora, Florida.

Taking the time to get to know your pet sitter allows you to feel confident when you leave your pet in their hands. This can help you avoid a lot of worry and distraction when you are on vacation or on the job.


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