5 Tips for Hiring Pet Sitter Before You Go on Your Summer Vacation

dogs website #4Are you thinking of taking the family on a Summer vacation? Now that the kids are out of school it can be a wonderful time to go on that well-deserved trip. Whether you are going to be gone for a few days or for a week or two, finding a qualified pet sitter is important.

Knowing that your pets are being loved and cared for will allow you to truly relax and enjoy yourself. Biscuit Time Pet Sitting Services, gives you five tips to help you and your pets enjoy your summer vacation.

Finding a Great Pet Sitter

Spending time to find a pet sitter that is qualified and experienced is vital to making sure that your pet’s needs are met while you are out of town. Before you call for a consultation there are a few things you should look for. Ask your veterinarian or groomer fro recommendations. A professional pet sitter usually has a website where you can find out more information. Look on the site for references, certifications and other information that will give you an idea of their qualifications. Once you have decided on which pet sitters you would like to know more about, call and set an appointment for an in-home consultation.

Meeting Your Pet Sitter for the First Time

Meeting a new pet sitter can be stressful for you and your pets, especially if they are not used to strangers being in your home. We suggest that you schedule your visit for right after their morning or afternoon walks, so that they will be calmer during the visit. If they are jumping around and barking the sitter won’t have a good opportunity to get to know your pet. During your conversation with your prospective sitter, ask about where they obtained their training and if your pet has special needs ask them if they are qualified to care for them. Discuss your regular pet care routine and diet. This is the time to discuss any concerns and questions. Also make sure that the pet sitter can prove that they are licensed, insured and bonded.

What Should Your Pet Sitter Know

Hiring the teenager from down the street may save you some money but hiring an experienced pet sitter will give you peace of mind. Your pet sitter should be responsible, punctual and knowledgeable. They should be CPR certified and able to recognize when an animal is in distress or ill. They should also have some animal behavioral training so that they are trained to properly walk and instruct your pet.

What Supplies Should You Provide

Before your trip stock up on your pet’s favorite foods and treats. Your pet sitter should know where you store leashes, muzzles and toys. Make sure that all of the pet’s medications are filled and labeled with specific instructions. Provide contact information for your vet and at least one other person who would be available if there was am emergency. It’s a great idea to sit down and write out your pet’s routines, medication dosing and schedule as well as any information on your pet’s habits that can help the pet sitter care for your pet in your absence. Many pet sitters offer a questionnaire that will cover much of this information.

In Case of an Emergency

It is imperative that you give your pet sitter all the information that they will need to deal with a crisis. It is unfortunate, but when a pet is left alone for long periods of time they can get up to mischief, sometimes leading to injuries. Besides giving your pet sitter all of your emergency contact information, you should also discuss how they  will respond if your animal needs to be seen by a vet while you are gone. Some vets will keep your credit card information on file, in a secure place, for just these types of situations. When you are vacationing you may find yourself in a situation where you can not be contacted directly and you should plan for this.

Taking a vacation is meant to give you a chance to unwind relax and enjoy your family and surroundings. If you are spending your limited vacation time worried about the care your pet is receiving, it can put a damper on the whole trip. Take time for you and your pet to get to know your pet sitter. At  Biscuit Time Pet Sitting Services, we offer a full range of services, provided by a CPR certified, trained professional. Visit our website at http://biscuittime.com/.

 I’ll treat your K-9’s & Felines like they’re mine at Biscuit Time!

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