5 Reasons You Should Consider Hiring a Pet Sitter Instead of a Kennel

dogs website #5Hiring a professional pet sitter is a great way to help make sure that you enjoy your vacation, knowing that your pet is happy and safe.

While you are gone all of your pet’s needs will be taken care of and they won’t have to leave familiar surroundings.

Your Pet’s Comfort

An animal’s home is their own personal territory and they can become stressed if they are removed from the home for an extended period of time. Often when a pet is placed in a kennel, they will refuse to eat, some will become more aggressive than usual and others may become listless and lethargic. Don’t spend your vacation worrying if you pet is adjusting to a strange place. A pet sitter will visit your home at regular intervals to feed, walk and play with your pet in the comfort of your pet’s everyday surroundings.

Dinner is Served at Home

Proper diet and exercise are the two most important things you can offer a pet to keep them healthy. Many pet’s have dietary restrictions, require a special type of food or need to eat at specific times. While many kennels take care to follow dietary restrictions, a pet sitter feeds your pet home with very little if any disruption in their routine.

Exercise Routines Unchanged

Does your pet like to stop and say hi to the people in your neighborhood? Do they have their own special spots they like to “water”? If you communicate your normal walking route your pet sitter can make sure your pet doesn’t miss a thing.

Your Pet’s Exposure to Illness is Reduced

Just like ourselves, pets can get used to the various germs and allergens in their own environment. During a stay at a kennel they can be exposed to different germs which can lead to illness. One of the most common is “kennel cough”. Another problem is that if the kennel is not kept clean they may contract worms or fleas.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your pet is home safe and well-cared for will give you the freedom to truly enjoy your vacation. Often your pet sitter will call daily to let you know that your pet is fine and sometimes they will post a picture of your pet enjoying themselves.

The time that you spend worrying about your pet is time that you are not enjoying your vacation. To insure that you have a stress-free vacation make sure that you ask for references before you hire a pet sitter. Have them come visit your home before your day of departure so they can get to know your pet. Ask if they are trained in CPR and first aid. Make sure you leave them all the information they will need to see to your pet’s needs including alternate numbers and your vet’s contact information in case of an emergency. A professional pet sitter will make sure that they know everything that they need to know about you and your pet before you leave. Ask questions. Not only should your pet feel comfortable but you should to.

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